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US and Iraq Plan Strategies For A Attack on ISIS Militants

The US and Iraq are drawing up a comprehensive action plan to put an end to the attacks of ISIS militants, according to a US senior official.

The plan, which is methodical and time consuming, will not be implemented for several months and is being drawn to prevent the Iraqi troops from over – exerting themselves. It may include US senior advisors with the Iraqis, should they be required in the situation. The US official who updated the reporters on the administrative strategies confirmed that the advisors will not actively take part in the war as President Obama has said that no ground forces from the US will be deployed on Iraqi soil.

With just a few exceptions, the Iraqi troops have concentrated its efforts to prevent ISIS militants from claiming additional territories since June this year. Despite the efforts of the Iraqi government and the US led coalition force, the IS jihadists still have control over one third of Iraqi, which stretches from Western Anbar province to the Syrian border and near Baghdad.

Recently, the President stated that his strategies for helping Iraq to fight off the jihadists include not only air attacks, but also training and advising the Iraqi militia men. These militia men are known to be afraid of the ISIS militants and flee when they were confronted by the ISIS jihadists.

Over the past few weeks, the global community has been anticipating the capture of Kobane by the ISIS militants, however, the airstrikes from the US led coalition force have stopped the advance of the ISIS jihadists to some extent.

Although the Syrian Kurds were politically at unease with the Iraqi population, they have agreed to accept the peshmerga fighters.

Presently, US led coalition forces are continuing with their airstrikes to aid the Iraqi troops in the endeavors. Last Wednesday, Ramadi was retrieved from the ISIS militants after repeatedly bombing the ISIS strongholds.

The US led coalition forces killed 25 ISIS jihadists this week as they check the group’s progress in the strategic points of Iraq.