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Turkish President Speaks About Justice in Syria and Iraq

Turkish President ErdoganTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed last Friday that the violence in the two neighboring lands of Turkey has caused a “highly sensitive” and unrest situation within the region.

In a conference held in the Black Sea coast of Turkey, Erdogan said, “Turkey has not taken sides in the conflicts surrounding the country and is neither against any sect or ethnicity, nor with them. Our side is always that of peace and dialogue.”

He also went on to say that in the context of this situation, Turkey has taken precaution against the outlawed terrorist organization and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, as they are a threat to the state.

According to reports, last Thursday, six people were killed in Bingol, which included two police officers. Erdogan sent condolence messages to the families of the victims. “Our security forces killed some terrorists and police operations continue to arrest the others responsible,” he said.

Erdogan also expressed his outrage at the increase in death toll due to pro – Kurdish protest in and around Turkey. Since the protestors accused the government of inaction against IS jihadis in Iraq, Erdogan mentioned that they were responsible of causing unrest in Turkey. Its important to notw though that the protests occurred after the IS militants tried occupying the town.

The Turkish government has been criticized by several individuals over their apathetic attitude to the IS militants and the civil war being faced by its neighborhood.

In a recent UN conference, he had cited the death of more than 200,000 Syrian citizens and also asked about the purpose of the United Nations if the body does not act in moments of crisis.

“The global conscience is aware that those ruthlessly criticizing some countries for lack of freedom of press ignore the 16 journalists who were killed in Palestine and the pressure on the media members,” Erdogan said.

Joe Biden has apologized to the Turkish president for his recent comments about him, which very well may be the result of Erdogan’s comment: “I have never said to (Biden) that we had made a mistake, never. If he did say this…, then he has to apologize to us.” “Foreign fighters have never entered Syria from our country. They may come to our country as tourists and cross into Syria, but no one can say that they cross in with their arms.”

The Turkish President has laid claims that Turkey has prevented 6,000 suspected militants from entering the country and 1,000 jihadis from leaving.

Obama Set to Visit the Pentagon after Two months of Airstrikes against ISIS

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, two months will have passed since the US airstrikes began in Iraq against IS jihadis. More than 260 strikes have been launched in the past two months and the attacks have increased since September 23.

Obama Visits PentagonAccording to several sources, President Obama will be visiting the Pentagon on Wednesday to receive an update on the military campaign of the US led coalition force against the ISIS. The President is also scheduled to meet the National Security Council and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs. In a recent attempt to curb the militants, the US led coalition forces have stepped up the airstrikes in and around Kobane. However, it is still uncertain if it will be enough to stop the progress of the jihadis.

It has been reported that Washington is concerned with the reluctance of Turkey to engage the jihadis of Islamic State in Kobane. “There’s growing angst about Turkey dragging its feet to act to prevent a massacre less than a mile from is border,” an unnamed senior administration official was quoted as saying.

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has spoken to Ahmet Davutoglu twice regarding Turkey’s reluctance to take part in the military operations, according to State Department representative Jen Psaki .

“Turkey is determining what larger role they will play going forward and that conversation is ongoing,” Psaki said. “They have indicated their openness to doing that, so there is an active conversation about that.”

According to reports by several officials stationed in the area, the jihadis of the Islamic State are close to taking control of the town of Kobane from the defending Kurdish People’s protection Units.

NATO“After all the fulminating about Syria’s humanitarian catastrophe, [Turkey is] inventing reasons not to act to avoid another catastrophe,” the official said. “This isn’t how a NATO ally acts while hell is unfolding a stone’s through from their border.”

On the other hand, Canadian Parliament passed a motion last Tuesday to authorize Air strikes in Iraq for the next six months following a request from the United States. However, the military aid from Canada will not contain any ground troops for combat operations. The mission will be known to include six CF – 18 jet airplanes, 2 surveillance planes, a refueling aircraft and 1 airlift aircraft. The mission will include 600 military personnel.

Refugees and Kurds from Syria Clash with Turkish Forces

The refugees and Syrian Kurds have clashed with the Turkish forces on the Turkey and Syria border. The Turkish troops had to use water cannons and tear gas to disperse the angry mob in Syria, where the IS militants are trying to conquer Kobane.

On the other hand, unconfirmed reports from several sources claim that more than 35 IS militants have been killed in US led coalition air strikes over the past months.

Last Friday, US Vice – President, Joe Biden criticized US allies in Arab and Turkey for supporting the Islamic militants, which prompted a sharp response from Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President who said, “If Mr Biden used such language that would make him a man of the past for me.” He also went on to say, “No-one can accuse Turkey of having supported any terrorist organization in Syria, including IS.”

The air was rife with tension on the Turkish – Syrian border when Kurdish refugees from both the countries were chased by the military from a rocky hill on the Turkish side while watching the siege of Kobane. The demonstrators were supporting the Kurdish fighters trying to stop the progress of IS militants.

Although according to reports, Turkey has pledged to prevent the capture of Kobane by IS militants and the parliament has granted permission for military operations in both Syria and Turkey. That said, they have taken no action against the invading IS forces.

Currently, if IS forces capture Kobane and Ayn Al Arab, they will have control over most of Turkish – Syrian border. Reports from several sources confirm that 35 IS rebels have been killed in air strikes led by US, but most of the rebels have died in a different area, near and in the town of Shadadi. The US coalition force has confirmed that four air strikes have hit the city of Kobane overnight.

On the other hand, Bashar al Ashad, the Syrian president visited a mosque near Damascus on Saturday at the start of Muslim holiday. It is to be noted that the Syrian President has rarely been seen in public considering the fact that the Syrian government and its officials are continuously fighting the civil war against the rebellion groups in which more than the 190,000 people have been killed.