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Death Toll In Syria Crosses 500

The death toll has reached at least 553 people who have died over the month of fighting against the IS militants. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have confirmed 298 IS jihadists have also died in the process.

The US led coalition force has been bombing IS strongholds over the past month as the Kurdish fighters have protected Kobane’s border connecting to Turkey.

However, the defenders are left without proper ammunition on the ground which is hurting their chances of winning this battle.

“The supply of fighters is very good…” Kobane official Idris Nassan stated, “But fighters coming without arms, without weaponry, is not going to make a critical difference.”

Although the Turkish border is under threat, the Turkish administration has recently ruled out the unilateral ground intervention on the land. Many suggest that this is because of the conflict of the Turkish government with its Kurdish population.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the true figure of the death toll can be more than 1,100 since the beginning of attack on the IS militants on September 16.

Of the deaths, which are accountable, 226 are Kurdish fighters, and 9 are Syrian opposition fighters who were supporting the forces.

Of the 20 civilian deaths, 17 were victims of IS execution, according to the Syrian Observatory.

Other than these casualties, other deaths have occurred due to the bombing of IS jihadists in Baghdad. Reports from several sources suggest that at least 38 people were killed in the recent bomb attacks in the city.

In the most recent suicide bombing, 14 people were killed in Meshahda alone.

Aircrafts from the US led coalition attack have been not only bombing the IS strongholds, but also have dropped supplies to Iraqi government troops located in Baiji, near Iraq’s biggest refineries.

According to the Pentagon, US air strikes on IS targets at Kobane on Friday have hit an IS fighting position; damaged a command and control facility; destroyed a staging building; struck two small units of fighters; and destroyed three lorries.

Idris Nassan, deputy foreign minister of Kobane district, said that the air strikes of the US led coalition forces were not of much help.

“A few days ago, [IS] attacked with a Humvee vehicle, they use mortars, cannons, tanks,” he said. “We don’t need just Kalashnikovs and bullets. We need something effective since they captured many tanks and military vehicles in Iraq.”