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Baghdad Mosque Attacked by Suicide Bomber

In a recent suicide attack on a Shia mosque, 18 people were killed in the Harthiyah area of Western Baghdad. The bomber exploded the bomb in a crowd that gathered for a funeral in the area.

In the recent weeks, numerous people have been killed in the suicide bombings in a similar nature. The attacks are being blamed on the IS jihadists although there is no confirmation from their end.

IS militants have been battling the past week to establish their stronghold in several parts of Syrian border. They came very close to capturing Kobane, which is a major town in the Turkish Syrian border, however, according to the Kurdish fighters; they have been unable to do so due to the resistance of Iraqi government force.

Recently, the Iraqi army has taken an active step to take hold of the city of Baiji, one of the biggest oil refineries within Iraq. However, the operation was aborted when a military van was ambushed by the IS jihadists.

“The attacker surprised our forces as he was driving a military armored vehicle. We thought it was our vehicle,” an army officer told.

Over the past months, IS jihadists have caused chaos within the entire region due to their attempt to create an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The situation has forced the population to flee from the country or fall victim to the attacks of the IS jihadists.

The US led coalition forces have been helping to curb the power of IS jihadists to some extent, yet they have not been totally successful in the endeavor.

Haider al – Abadi, prime minister of Iraq, who took office in September, met with Ali al – Sistani. “We have a long and hard mission ahead of us,” al-Abadi told reporters after emerging from the meeting with the cleric, who is believed to be 86 years old. “One of the missions is related to security. We need arms and we need to reconstruct our security forces.”

Al – Sistani lives in the Shite, in Najaf, which is located 100 miles south of Baghdad and rarely appears in public.

Recently in Karbala, four separate car bombs exploded taking lives of 26 people and injuring another 55. Medical officials have confirmed the causality figures.

The IS jihadists have captured fragments of Iraqi land and are carving out a state on both the sides of the Iraq and Syrian border. Since August of this year, US war planes have been carrying out airstrikes on the IS jihadists, but no major results have been obtained.