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Iraqi MPs Approve New Changes In The Ministry

Mohammed Salem al – Ghabban is the newly appointed interior minister of Iraq while Khaled al – Obeidi was confirmed as the Minister of Defense.

In the present scenario with ISIS covering a large part of the country and having been making advancements despite the air strikes of US led coalition forces, the changes in ministry is of upmost importance.

Last Friday, a curfew was imposed on Ramadi amidst fierce fighting in the region.

In the latest situation, the vote by the Iraqi Members of Parliament has been seen as a great relief and a more inclusive cabinet is the first step in countering the attacks of the IS militants among the Sunni community in Iraq.

Rumors has it that the appointment of Mohammed Salem al – Ghabban as the interior minister of Iraq is a compromise after the Badr Organization, the Shia party he belongs to, put forward his name as a prospective candidate.

On the other hand, Khaled al – Obeidi, has a symbolic significance as he represents the Sunni Muslim community and is a leading politician from Mosul, which was among the first targets of ISIS militants.

Nouri al – Maliki, the previous Prime Minister of Iraq was forced to resign in August, as a result of the Kurdish communities and the Sunni Muslims having accused the government of pursuing secret policies.

A new government took its position on September 8, headed by the present Prime Minister of Iraq, Mr. Abadi, along with Sunni Muslims and Kurdish representatives as deputy ministers.

The forces of the Iraqi government are battling the forces of the IS jihadists near the capital of Anbar province, Ramadi and Tikrit which were captured by the IS militants earlier last month.

Capturing Anbar will be a major achievement for the IS militants because they will be able to establish a supply line and launch attacks as it is contains Iraq’s second largest dam, known as the Haditha dam.

Recently, the US led coalition forces have conducted 10 air strikes against IS jihadists in Iraq and 15 air strikes against IS in Syria which destroyed IS buildings, vehicles and oil facilities.

While all this was happening, the government of Iraq also appointed former Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari as finance Minister. He is now the sixth Kurd to have achieved cabinet post.