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UK Redeploys Armed Drones Against IS Militants

According to latest reports, UK drones which have been operating in Afghanistan will be redeployed to use against the IS militants.

The UK Defense Secretary has recently confirmed that the drones will be used to provide “surveillance report” to the US led coalition force and the Iraqi government.

In a written statement to MPs, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said: “As the UK’s only armed remotely piloted aircraft, Reaper will add to the strike capability we are already providing with our Tornado GR4 aircraft.”

Recently, Fallon was accused by Douglas Alexander, Shadow Foreign Secretary, of being complacent as the IS militants have conquered the better part of Anbar province and have come close to conquering Kobane.

The statement was confirmed by Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond, who also added that the UK was making a valuable contribution to the sophisticated surveillance and direct attacks in Iraq.

Hammond stated, “There will be tactical ebb and flow but the coalition air campaign has stabilized the strategic picture and the assessment of our experts is Baghdad is not at immediate danger.”

He also went on to say that, the government was “under no illusion as to the severity of this challenge to regional stability and to our homeland security.”

“Liberating this territory from Isil is a medium-term challenge to be measured in months and years, not days and weeks. The horrific effects of Isil on governance and the social fabric will be felt for even longer,” Hammond was reported saying.

On the other hand, Sir Menzies Campbell, former Liberal Democrat leader said, “I personally find it increasingly difficult to justify the distinction in our policy between Iraq and Syria.”

“If the town of Kobane is to fall, then the outcome for its inhabitants based on previous experience could be apocalyptic.”

“In those circumstances, is there not now a case for the United Kingdom to join in the air operations in Syria under the authority of the right of humanitarian intervention? But perhaps more pertinently, under the authority of the duty to protect.”

The IS jihadist have been fighting the US led coalition force since September. However, the use of the drones have been met with severe criticism from the Human Rights group. Amnesty International has suggested that the strikes may be categorized as war crimes as they create a strong public backlash in the countries where they are being deployed.