Turkish Jets Target Kurdish Rebels Near Iraq

Breaking News: Turkish Fighter Jets (F – 4’s and F – 16’s) have bombed the Kurdish rebels near the Iraqi border. The air strikes were said to be a response to the PKK gunfire in the military outpost.

It has been said that the Kurds were furious at the Turkish government due to their apathetic attitude of the IS’ attacks on the Turkish border and towns within Syria.

Several fighters from the Kurdistan Workers Party were known to aid the Kudish YPG military in Kobane. Turkey has refused to help the Syria military forces with any aid or allow the Kurdish fighters to enter Syria.

“Today there were air strikes throughout the day, which is a first. And sometimes we saw one plane carrying out two strikes, dropping two bombs at a time,” said Abdulrahman Gok, a journalist with a local Kurdish paper.

Most recently, two commandeers of the PKK were arrested by the Turkish troops when they arrived for medical treatment in a hospital in the south – eastern region of Turkey.

In addition to these commandeers, more than 260 YPG military men were arrested when they crossed into the Turkey border last week. Out of those 260, 60 were allowed to go back according to Turkish media.

On last Tuesday, French President has appealed to the Ankara government to open the border as the US led air strikes continue in both Iraq and Syria.

The airstrikes on the Kurdish rebels were reported to cause heavy causalities. The air strikes were followed by an assault on the military outpost of Turkish government led troops by PKK fighters.

It is to be noted that last week, the Kurdish protests have claimed at least 31 lives as Kurds expressed their anger on Turkey’s apathetic nature on the capture of Kobane and the loss of lives in Iraq and Syria.

The city of Kobane has had a strong media presence within the recent few weeks. At this point, the US led coalition forces have led 21 air strikes over the past two days to destroy the stronghold of the IS militants within this town.

Notably, Turkey has been reluctant to aid the US led coalition attack from the beginning and have refused to join them. However, yesterday, in a surprise move, the Turkish government denied the access of its air bases to the US led coalition forces against the IS jihadist.

According to the Turkish government, it was an attempt to remove the possibility of Syrian and Turkish Kurd fighters fighting against the IS jihadists for a foundation of an independent Islamic state.

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