Refugees and Kurds from Syria Clash with Turkish Forces

The refugees and Syrian Kurds have clashed with the Turkish forces on the Turkey and Syria border. The Turkish troops had to use water cannons and tear gas to disperse the angry mob in Syria, where the IS militants are trying to conquer Kobane.

On the other hand, unconfirmed reports from several sources claim that more than 35 IS militants have been killed in US led coalition air strikes over the past months.

Last Friday, US Vice – President, Joe Biden criticized US allies in Arab and Turkey for supporting the Islamic militants, which prompted a sharp response from Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President who said, “If Mr Biden used such language that would make him a man of the past for me.” He also went on to say, “No-one can accuse Turkey of having supported any terrorist organization in Syria, including IS.”

The air was rife with tension on the Turkish – Syrian border when Kurdish refugees from both the countries were chased by the military from a rocky hill on the Turkish side while watching the siege of Kobane. The demonstrators were supporting the Kurdish fighters trying to stop the progress of IS militants.

Although according to reports, Turkey has pledged to prevent the capture of Kobane by IS militants and the parliament has granted permission for military operations in both Syria and Turkey. That said, they have taken no action against the invading IS forces.

Currently, if IS forces capture Kobane and Ayn Al Arab, they will have control over most of Turkish – Syrian border. Reports from several sources confirm that 35 IS rebels have been killed in air strikes led by US, but most of the rebels have died in a different area, near and in the town of Shadadi. The US coalition force has confirmed that four air strikes have hit the city of Kobane overnight.

On the other hand, Bashar al Ashad, the Syrian president visited a mosque near Damascus on Saturday at the start of Muslim holiday. It is to be noted that the Syrian President has rarely been seen in public considering the fact that the Syrian government and its officials are continuously fighting the civil war against the rebellion groups in which more than the 190,000 people have been killed.

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